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Fireborn Lukoi Graendal aka Nyala

DOB: 06/05/2019
Hip score: A
Elbow score: 0:0
Eyes: Clear

DM: Carrier
OSD3: Clear
DNA profiled by Embark
Breed: F2 – 75% Northern Inuit

In 2019 we were blessed with our first Northern Inuit, Nyala, bred by the amazing kennel Fireborn Northern Inuit.

Nyala is a charming and serene dog, with a social personality that makes her a delight to be around. She’s highly motivated when it comes to training, especially if there’s plenty of variety and stimulation involved. She can be picky about food, but when she finds the right one, she absolutely loves it.

Despite being a bit reserved, she has a curious nature and is always eager to explore her surroundings.

Her favourite activity is just relaxing in the garden whether it´s to soak up the sun or being pelted with hailstones. She’s wonderful around children and loves to play with them. When she wants attention, she can be quite cuddly, and loves being treated like a princess.

She is a very bright dog and is always eager to learn and be challenged. To keep her stimulated, we engage her in various activities, such as scent work, dog dance, and simple training. Overall, Nyala is a fantastic companion who brings joy and warmth to our lives.

Dad of Nyala
Shanaki The Black Cuillin
aka Mij

Mom of Nyala
Lukoi Alderaan Princess
aka Korra